September 28, 2022

True Orthodox Diocese of Western Europe

Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC)

1 thought on “Since the Feast of the 40 Holy Martyrs is one of the few Days of Great Lent with a Dispensation of Oil.. Fasting Pancakes

  1. “A certain dessert dweller when entertaining his guests, served them a dish of boiled beans and added some dirt in it” .

    Saint Mark the ascetic teaches the root of all evil lies in this demonic triskelion: Pride (self love), Avarice (desire for worldly things), and Sensuality (love for pleasure).

    Fasting done for Christ’s sake, should bring us out of this demonic triskelion, and bring us to the Mosc Holy Trinity, crushing our Pride with His humility, our Avarice with desire for the heavenly, and Sensuality for the delight of His will.

    For those who are weak and bound to this world, I offer this link with oil free vegan recipes.

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