July 24, 2024

True Orthodox Diocese of Western Europe

Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC)

Is there Something Surprising in that an Innumerable Multitude and Even Chief Hierarchs Remain Indifferent to the Truth? St. Victor (Ostrovidov) (+1934) Bishop of Glazov answers us.

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St. Victor writes,
“My friends, if we truly believe that outside the Orthodox Church a man has no salvation, then when her truth is perverted we cannot remain her indifferent worshippers in the dark, but we must confess before everyone the truth of the Church.  And if others, even in an innumerable multitude, even chief hierarchs, remain indifferent and can even use their interdictions against us, there is nothing surprising in this.  After all, this has happened not infrequently in the past, and thus it was four years ago that those who had fallen away from the truth composed councils and called themselves the Church of God and, pretending to be concerned over canons, made interdictions against those who did not submit to their senselessness; but they did all this to their shame and to their eternal perdition.”

source: Russia’s Catacomb Saints LIVES OF THE NEW MARTYRS by Ivan Andreyev

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