April 15, 2024

True Orthodox Diocese of Western Europe

Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC)

Here’s What No One is Telling You about the True Orthodox Being So Few.

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An Ancient Greek maxim says that “the good is not in the many”. We feel the pressure of living in apocalyptic times when the truth is not of importance to many and Faith for most people is just attending whatever church happens to be close to them or makes them “feel good”.

We know that the end times will look like this. Christ Himself says “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find the Faith on the earth?” This verse is often mistranslated to read “will he find faith on the earth?” Clearly, in the original Greek, the use of the article before the noun faith (τὴν πίστιν) assures us that Christ is speaking not simply about faith but about THE FAITH.

What would any logical person prefer to have, a whole sack of rocks or three pearls? The pearls of course!

When St. Gregory the Theologian arrived in Constantinople as the newly elected patriarch of the ruling city, he didn’t even find one Orthodox temple there, as the Arians had control of all the ecclesiastical buildings. The holy hierarch in his “Oration to the One Hundred and Fifty Bishops” said,

Better to have an outdoor Faith, than a luxurious impiety. Three gathered in the name of the Lord appear much more in the eyes of God than many denying the name of the Lord.

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