June 24, 2024

True Orthodox Diocese of Western Europe

Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC)

General (Online/Telegram) Meeting of the Diocese of Western Europe

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(Please note that Europe is returning on Saturday-Sunday to standard time)

Dear clergymen, monastics, and parishioners of the RTOC Western European Diocese,
On Sunday the 29th of October n.s., at 7pm Athens time, we will be holding the first online general meeting of the RTOC Western European Diocese. The meeting will take place here on our official telegram channel.

At this meeting we will outline the plans, direction, and work being undertaken for our Diocese of Western Europe. We will also receive reports from our clergymen around the diocese on their local communities and activities. Finally, we will outline and discuss the financial position of our diocese.

By direction of Bishop Philaretos, attendance is mandatory for all clergymen belonging to the Western European Diocese. All other members of our diocese are expected to attend, and our catechumens are also encouraged to join. If you know members of our diocese who are not subscribed to our official telegram channel, please inform them of this meeting, and help them to join the channel and to attend. Anyone with a telegram account who wants to join our channel should be put in touch with Hieromonk Tikhon to be subscribed to the channel. We remind all members of our diocese that the RTOC Western European Diocese telegram channel is the official platform for internal announcements and communications with our flock: Therefore all members of our diocese are expected to keep up to date with communications and announcements on the channel

The agenda of the meeting is as follows:
1. Welcome and blessing
2. Report from the Bishop:
  a. Recent decisions and announcements from the Holy Synod
  b. Archpastoral visits
  c. New ordinations and tonsures
  d. New temples, monasteries, and communities
4. Reports on the parishes and communities within the diocese:
  a. Cathedral of St. Paraskevi (Athens)
  b. Monastery of St. John of the Ladder (Central Greece)
  c. Monastery St. Nectarius (Romania)
  d. Hieromonk Ghermano (Romania)
  e. St. Thomas Mission (Hungary)
  f. Priest Daniel (diocesan priest, currently living in England)
  g. Parish of St. Michael (Guildford, England)
  h. Italy
  i. Israel
  j. Serbia
  k. Germany
  l. Rest of the Diocese
5. Report on diocesan projects:
  a. Pilgrimages and telegram sessions
  b. Rome pilgrimage and conference
  c. Holy Land pilgrimage
  d. Missionary videos and podcasts
  e. Official catechism course
  f. Italian language catechism for our children and teenagers in Italy
6. Financial report of the Western European Diocese
7. New announcements and directives from the Bishop
8. Opening of the floor to questions (from diocese members only)
9. Recap of decisions, and closing word and blessing of the Bishop

We ask all clergymen to prepare a short summary of your activities both in and outside of your parish or monastic community since your ordination or reception into the RTOC, as well as activities that you have planned for the future. Please also have on hand the number of people you have received into the RTOC as a priest, and how many catechumens you currently have both locally and away from your local parish. Also, the number of church attendees you have at a usual Sunday liturgy, as well as the number of attendees you usually have in attendance for your most popular feasts. Finally, please also prepare a list of things that you would request help with from the diocese and our fellow members.

People will be able to connect to the session in the ten minutes prior to 7pm, and at 7pm sharp the meeting will commence. We thank all of you for your participation and interest in the future of our diocese, and we look forward to seeing you all there

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