March 2, 2024

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Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC)

Using the Guise of Virtues: There Exist Fake Ones

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Make-Believe Church

Archbishop Averky wrote:

“Zeal for God, zeal for the Truth is not “phariseeism,” just as “humility” before the enemies of God, the enemies of the Church, before diabolical Evil, is not the true and saving humility of the Publican, but just destructive self-deception, leading to the depths of hell.
In our times, when there are such strong doubts about even the existence of Truth when every “truth” is considered relative and it is considered proper for each person to hold to “his own truth,” the struggle for the Truth acquires a particularly important meaning. And the person who does not sympathize with this struggle, who sees in it only a manifestation of “phariseeism” and suggests “humbling oneself” before Falsehood by falling away from the Truth, should naturally be recognized as a betrayer of the Truth, whoever he might be, whatever he might call or consider himself.”

Every day I notice that people seek to “organize” the Faith and the Church according to man-made teachings. As Archbishop Averky writes, “Zeal for God, zeal for the Truth is not “phariseeism”. They even use the scriptures (or don’t understand them) to try to prove their case. Just as one comment here reads “A house divided cannot stand” and by the writer’s angle, he basically suggests that we must put aside even dogmatic matters and have a worldly sense of union without Truth. Few have remained that who “sympathize with this struggle”.

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