May 21, 2024

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Can We Dare to REMAIN?

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  • I admit it, change takes a lot of courage. And repentance, the most significant mode of life for an Orthodox Christian has to do with changing. Repentance in Greek is metanoia μετάνοια. Metanoia literally means to make a change of thinking. It means to think in a new (spiritual) way.
  • We battle the world (worldliness), ourselves (our bad habits and attitudes), the devil and our very flesh. Theosis – becoming God-like as much as is possible – is a matter of change and a rough road to walk!

However, today it is proving so difficult to dare to remain! To stay faithful to that which we received! To not be changed by the age we live in and not modernize our Faith which is holy and perfect.

We are called to live in this world but not of this world. And we can be progressive in everything that is required in our day to day life, but we mustn’t budge from those matters of the Faith, from the teachings of Christ through the Holy Apostles and through the Holy Fathers of the Church.

This takes courage. This requires us to move against the New Age. To deny the social media laws and rulings when all are disagreeing with us!

Dare to be totally true to your Orthodox Faith! Dare to remain!

2 thoughts on “Can We Dare to REMAIN?

  1. Such a wonderful exhortation for all of us Christians. Thank you so much for the post! I don’t know how it is in Greece, but in America, it is Wordly to the Max. We need that kind of encouragement!

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