July 20, 2024

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“Archbishop” Elpidophoros and the Communion Spoon

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Elpidophoros and Communion

Before you see the video, I would like to point out the comments that may seem true but hide guile in them.

Yes, of course, the Body and Blood of Christ are greater than the spoon! HOWEVER, how can we believe more in the changing of spoons that in the grace of the Body and Blood of our Master? Can we believe more in antiseptics than in the Body and Blood of our Savior?

How will these spoons be cleansed when we know that we consume all of the remaining gifts at the end of the Divine Liturgy including any of the Holy Blood left upon the spoon because they are the Body and Blood of Christ which is never disposed of? If any disease was transferable through the Body and Blood of Christ, how come clergy who consume the gifts after everybody has received from the common spoon go on living? Why don’t they have every day of their lives flu and diseases and die?

If someone doesn’t “feel” comfortable (and probably didn’t even before COVID-19, as Elphidophoros said the “younger generation” and I would probably believe that the “younger generation” would be more idealistic unless they weren’t taught Orthodoxy – of course, they weren’t) receiving Christ for fear of a disease coming along with Christ then should they be receiving? Do they really truly believe that this is the Body and Blood of our Christ? That spoon each time goes completely into the chalice which is filled with Christ’s Blood. That spoon is covered in Christ!

At least Elphidophoros said the truth! People had a problem before COVID-19. They had a lack of faith! They had a lack of belief in the power of the Divine Gifts! So again for them, the role of the Church isn’t to bring people to the Christian truths but rather to alter the Christian truths to what people want!

Is this the first pandemic in the last 1500 years? Why wasn’t the common spoon replaced before or even discussed?

Think of the reasons why the common spoon were introduced. The ancient way of receiving communion in the hand was dangerous as the faithful grew weaker in Faith and careless. (Today they can’t even put antidoron in their mouth without filling the floor with crumbs of it!). “Hierarchs”, like “Metropolitan” Arsenios of Austria, talk about Early Christian communion being “safer” without mentioning that the early Christians all put their lips to the same cup!

“Elpidophoros” means “bearer of hope” but this “Archbishop” is proving to be the “bearer of despair”!

Here is the video:

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  1. Epildophoros, very satanic men. He is not christian, he is satanic , He never belived in the Blood and Bady of Christ, never

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