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About the “Moscow Patriarchate” by Archbishop Averky

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About the MP

About the “Moscow Patriarchate”

It’s terrible when we consciously step back from the Truth, deliberately take the path of lies and build our whole life, all our activities on a false basis, trampling on the truth of Christ, preserved only by the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church (vol. 1, p. 50).Thus, the Soviet “patriarchate” established in the USSR by the godless Communists entered the path of lies, proclaiming the lie that the Bolshevik “Bolshevik power” was “from God,” although St. ap. Paul, in the words of which she falsely refers, clearly states that the bearer of legitimate authority is God’s servant , who encourages good and punishes evil (Romans 13, 34), and not the atheist who does the opposite, as we see in the Bolsheviks, whose power this “The patriarchate” deceitfully praises and propagates to the whole world, trying to mislead all of humanity (vol. 1, p. 52).The Church in our homeland has been enslaved by the God-struggling power and it has become – scary to say!- its obedient tool, and other Orthodox churches, almost all, are in a greater or lesser dependence on it or under its pressure and influence (vol. 1, p. 176).Much of it was rejected by Russian people and a more subtle temptation – the “legalization” of the Church by the God-defying Soviet power and an unnatural alliance with it, leading to the creation of the Soviet Patriarchate, which became an obedient tool of communism for the spread of its domination throughout the world. And in this, the Orthodox Russian people quite naturally saw a retreat from the faith of the fathers and created the so-called.The Catacomb Church (vol.1, p. 188).And the Revelation of St.John the Theologian clearly tells us that in the time of Antichrist, the whole true Church flees, hiding from his persecution : And the wife fled into the wilderness, where there was prepared for her a place from God that they would feed her there one thousand two hundred and sixty days (12, 6). Under this mysterious “Wife”, as is known, St.. fathers understood the “Church”. And is not this time already coming? At least there, on our unfortunate Homeland, the so-called Catacomb Church has long been formed, from persons who did not want to tarnish their conscience by serving the God-struggling Soviet power.Perhaps the time is approaching when all of us who want to keep our faithfulness to Savior-Christ and His true Church, will have to go to the catacombs.In any case, all those who do not want to kneel before the modern “Baal” must be ready for this (vol. 1, p. 198).Do not we see the same thing in our homeland? First – terrible bloody persecution, and then – the enslavement of the Church, capturing her with lies. Can a lie be more terrible than that officially proclaimed there from the height of the patriarchal throne in a book published under the title “The Truth About Religion in Russia” (Moscow Patriarchate of 1942)? And let us not talk about some “feat of the martyrdom of lies,” slyly invented and allegedly saving the Church. Such a “feat” never knew, nor can our Saint know. Church, for it is a pillar and a statement of truth (1 Timothy 3, 15). The Church was saved and affirmed by a very different feat, not by lies, but by the fearless confession of the truth, which was imprinted with the shedding of blood. According to the famous apologist Tertullian, this blood of martyrs was the seed of Christians – it was the foundation of the Church. For this the Church glorified the holy martyrs who were not afraid to shed their blood for Christ, but we do not know of any saint who was glorified by the Church for the martyrdom of lies. Those who during the persecutions, fearing torture, pretended to worship idols, were treated like the fallen ones, but the Church did not please any of them as “the saviors of faith and the Church”.In no way can our Christian conscience be reconciled with such a terrible and unscrupulous lie as the assertion that in the USSR there has never been and there is no persecution of faith and the Church, that the new martyrs of Russia are “political criminals” and “accomplices of the black cause”. The glorification of the theologian and the executioner of the Russian people, Dzhugashvili Stalin (now “debunked” even by his recent collaborators and minions), as “the chosen one of God leading our fatherland to glory and prosperity”, as the “first watch world”,can not be acceptable to our Christian consciousness, filled with a “great love for people,” honoring him with the whole Russian Orthodox Church in the USSR on the day of his century, standing at his grave in the honorary guard of the hierarchs of this Church, serving a funeral service for him,vie in Communist propaganda all over the world, and so on. n.The communist government openly proclaimed the slogan: “Religion is opium for the people” and does not hide at all that its main task is the eradication of faith in God and in the spiritual world in general. How can the ministers of the official Church in the USSR recognize her power, given from God, and even go to her service, glorifying her and promoting her triumph, and, consequently, the triumph of atheism, throughout the world? – Or the saying of the Apostle is completely forgotten: What does the light have in common with darkness?What is the agreement between Christ and Belial?Or what is the participation of the faithful with the unfaithful? (2 Corinthians 6, 14-16).And no canon can be justified by the opposite way – the path of spiritual enslavement of the Church of the God-struggling power, no matter how much the contemporary casuists, apologists of the Soviet patriarchy, tried to do about it.Is it not even the appearance of Christianity in those priests who glorify Christ with their lips, and with the heart of the Antichrist, being somehow connected with different godless and anti-Christian organizations? (Vol 1, pp. 202-205).But it’s quite scary when people only pretend to pray, not believing in God at all and not wanting to bring worship to God, but worshiping in practice the enemy of God and the enemy of human salvation – the devil. But there are such people, and now they are becoming more and more!They are the ” church of those who are evil “, of which the Psalmist once said: “I hated the church of those who are disingenuous, and I will not sit with the wicked” (Psalm XXIV, 5).This “church of the cunning” at the present time, by the cunning intrigues of the enemy of the human race, does not unsuccessfully seek to replace itself and completely replace for believers the true Church – the true Church of ChristAmong the Russian ecclesiastical hierarchy, she found several persons, very flexible and ready for any compromises, who agreed to cooperate with her in achieving her terrible god-seeking goals. Serving in appearance Christ, they now serve in reality a godless communist party, obediently fulfilling all its tasks, even on a world scale.Thus arose the Soviet “Church of the Sly”, the beginning of which was laid in 1927 by the Metropolitan.Sergius, who issued his famous declaration, in which he called upon the Orthodox Russian flock to “express the people’s gratitude” to the Soviet authorities for “attention to the spiritual needs of the Orthodox population” (this is the cruel persecutor of the Christian faith and the Church!), To recognize it as a legitimate “power from God “And obey her” not only because of fear, but also in conscience “, recognizing her joy and success with her joys and successes, and failure – her failures .During the Second World War, the godless Soviet government also skillfully used the rise of religious and patriotic feelings in the Russian people for their own purposes.Metropolitan Sergius was made a “patriarch” and in gratitude for this he published a terrible, filled with lies and slanders against the confessors of the faith and new martyrs of Russia, the book: “The Truth About Religion in Russia,” in which he set himself the goal of “proving” that no persecution of faith and the Church in Soviet Russia was not and is not and that “the Church can not complain about power” (see pages 24-25).Even a periodical church magazine began to appear. But it is enough to read at least a few of the numbers of this “Church of the Sly” with the “blessing” of the God-defying Soviet government of the “Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate” to see how faithfully it serves the enemies of Christ, what intense propaganda of the communist regime it is conducting all over the world, without a twinge of conscience, giving out lies for truth and truth proclaiming a lie.This godless church is now widely used by the atheistic communist party to spread its influence and power in the Orthodox East and even in the whole heterodox world with its help.And as we see now – in many ways already has time.Who has not survived Bolshevism in Russia, he will never understand to the end, what horror he imagines.Therefore, it is not particularly surprising that the peoples, even those who sympathized with Russia before, transferred their sympathies to modern Bolshevik Russia, considering it to be the legitimate successor and continuer of the former tsarist Russia.But how much is great before God, before the true Church and before the true national Russia, the crime of the servants of this “church of the deceitful,” who by all means try to confirm everyone in this error!They act in this and their imagination, trying to impress him with a representation of the imaginary greatness and power of the modern “Russian Church”, which is supposedly completely free and even more free than it was in Tsarist Russia. They also widely use the weaknesses of human nature, a pall of ambition and avarice.But is not it strange? Fierce battle-fighters openly professing their hatred for Christ and His Divine teaching and having long proclaimed “the separation of the Church from the state” are now rendering all-round and all-round support to the successor of Metropolitan Sergius. Sergius – to his new, chosen one, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy. They willingly allow him and his closest associates to travel abroad. They encourage the very frequent visits to Russia of representatives of local Orthodox churches, even the patriarchs themselves, and various heterodox delegations, as never before, and at the same time pay all the expenses for such trips.Moreover: such visitors receive generous gifts, and some, on their own frank confession, even regular material assistance, in the form of a periodic cash benefit.So, for example, in the same “Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate” (No. 5 of 1945) in the article: “At the reception with Stalin” we find, the message of Met. Nicholas on how patr. Alexis thanked the government of the USSR for “providing vehicles for the guests who were invited to come to the cathedral from foreign countries to be invited to the cathedral, warm clothes for their stay on winter days, accommodation and meals in Moscow for all members of the cathedral, cars and buses for their trips in Moscow”.After all, it seems absolutely clear that the convinced opponents of any religion will not do all this for nothing! As a result, we read in the same magazine endless rave reviews of representatives of Orthodox local churches, as well as heterodox delegations and guests about their stay in the USSR and about the extraordinary freedom and flourishing of religious and church life in Soviet Russia.Little, very few people are left today, even among the ministers of the Church, capable of a confession and martyrdom for the truth of Christ. And many, many people are averse to all kinds of temptations and flaws, especially on temptations of ambition and self-interest. In this age of almost complete impoverishment of true spirituality, a sincere desire to disinterestedly worship God in spirit and truth, it is seldom, rarely, that one will resist such temptations. And the money gifts to many blind their spiritual eyes completely – so they are ready to call black white, and white – black.And now we see an eerie and sad picture of how the influence of the Soviet “church of the deceitful” is growing everywhere, which many are now inclined to recognize as a true, legitimate Russian Church, notwithstanding the complete trampling of church canons by its founders and the rulers of its destinies. And as always in such cases, despite the glaring obviousness, which indicates otherwise, they come up with all sorts of specious considerations and pretexts for her confession. And in this the enemy of human salvation, of course, always comes to the rescue: casuistry, lies, deception, slander are his usual tools (vol. 1, pp. 371-376).It reminded us … a picture, placed in the “Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate”, depicting how Met. Nikolay Krutitsky (soon after somehow tragically finished his life) stands in a white hood and with a staff in the “guard of honor” at the coffin of Stalin (t. 4, p. 354).Indeed. Is it not a deviation from Christ – the recognition by the “power from God” of the authority that, with its main task, poses quite a conscious struggle to eradicate the faith of Christ in the hearts of people, an expression of gratitude to this authority for its alleged concern for the spiritual needs of believers, active cooperation with it in its aspiration for world domination, support by its power of its spiritual authority?Is it not a retreat from Christ to blaspheme the New Martyrs of Russia who shed their blood for Christ and for His Holy Church, calling them “accomplices of the black cause” and not ashamed to stand “on the hood” in the honor guard at the grave of the fierce persecutor of the Christian faith?Is it not a deviation from Christ to “treat with full fraternal respect” to such “hierarchs”, “without reproaching them in any way” and, therefore, quite in solidarity with them (vol. 1, p. 401).All, without exception, Russian people must finally understand that there is no logic in recognizing the Soviet theophanic power as “power from God,” and the Soviet “church” serving it as the true Church(vol. 2, p. 14).Let all honest and sensible Orthodox Russian people know that this is precisely the ideological divergence in views and beliefs, including here a different attitude to Soviet power, which we can not recognize as “power from God,” and to the “Soviet church” that we can not recognize the canonical, – all this was the reason for the splits (vol. 2, p. 131).With great sorrow the Council responded with great sorrow to news of the growing persecution of faith there in our homeland, enslaved by the God-struggling communism, a persecution that again began to take the grossest forms, as it was before, in the first years of the revolution, and could not fail to establish all the correctness of the position, from the beginning of the position adopted by our Russian Church Abroad, the position with which it never went down-the total non-recognition of the godless Soviet power and all those who cooperate with it in one way or another, including the legalized “Soviet church,” It is an obedient instrument and guide of its destinies throughout the world (vol. 2, p. 143).Everyone knows what streams and seas of blood and tears have been shed on our unfortunate Russian land since the Bolsheviks have risen to power, how many bishops, priests, monks and lay faithful have been tortured for Christ, how many temples have been destroyed, how many shrines are desecrated. And now, not looking at all this, the deputy patriarch Locum Tenens Met. Sergius of Nizhny Novgorod openly and publicly, to the whole world, proclaimed the theomachistic Soviet power “power from God”, which must be obeyed “not for fear, but for conscience”, ordering to pray for it. When a special delegation of clergymen and laity came to him, protesting against his shameful declaration (in 1927), declaring that it was impossible to “pray for the anti-Christian power”, he simply dismissed this so reasonable protest with the words: “Well, what is Antichrist? “Just like those who do not like our warnings about the approach of the times of Antichrist.But since then the matter of this truly anti-Christian power has gone far ahead! Under intolerable and cruel slavery it has already hit a third of the whole world and, in particular, almost all Orthodox countries, where St..faith and the Church have suffered as merciless bloody persecutions as we have in Russia.And so, despite its so vividly expressed, seemingly pronounced antichrist nature, this terrible theophany, genuinely satanic power gradually gained the general recognition of all states of the so-called “free world”.Moreover, all the Orthodox and heterodox Christian churches and ecclesiastical organizations, which are as if outside her reach in the countries of this “free world”, bowed to her in the face of the devil.Does not this alone speak so eloquently and convincingly about the undoubted approximation of the times of Antichrist?And in all the Orthodox countries that fell under the authority of the God-fighters and the cruel persecutors of the faith and the Church of Christ – it’s terrible to say! – the church hierarchy, from some time, not only completely reconciled with these ministers of Satan, but also entered into an alliance with them, bowing in this way in their person to Satan himself, and actively cooperating with them, in all pleasing them and subserviently helping them in the implementation their hellish plans to conquer and subjugate themselves to the rest of the world for the final eradication of faith in God and the destruction of the Church of Christ.But what is even more terrible: the church hierarchy, both Orthodox and non-Orthodox, enjoying as if complete freedom in the countries of the “free world” (apparently, this “freedom” is purely external, not internal, which, obviously, and they are already lost!) pretends that she does not see anything of this: her representatives constantly go to bow to the communist countries, get different awards there, exchange hypocritical compliments, write enthusiastic and commendable articles about life there, and … lie, lie, lie without end and, apparently, without any twinge Ovest.It involuntarily reminded us of the Moscow patrimony.Alexius used to refer to Stalin as the fierce God-struggler, Dzhugashvili, whose evil deeds were now denounced even by his former companions and “chosen by God to lead our homeland to glory and prosperity” and expressed gratitude to him for “his cares about the needs of the Russian Orthodox Church.”Is not this the worship of Satan?Those who try to justify such an ecclesiastical hierarchy say that they allegedly pledged to “only remain silent , and this “silence” allegedly “saves the Church”. But we see that these hierarchs, worshiping Satan, not only remain silent, but also most actively cooperate with the God-struggling anti-Christ authority, making themselves its propaganda organ, and in all obedient to it a tool.However, after all, “silent” at such a time of terrible persecution of faith and the Church is nothing more than a betrayal of faith and the Church!“Silence is surrendered by God,” the great father of the Church of St. Andrew teaches us. Gregory the Theologian (v. 2, p. 338-341).Where is true faith and the Church now?Is it possible to talk about true faith and the Church where the church hierarchy has entered into a vile alliance with the true ministers of the “opposing enemy” – the devil, who set themselves the task everywhere, all over the world, to root out faith in God, to forbid God-knowledge, to corrupt the people of St.Orthodoxy and destroy the free-serving Christ the Savior Church, replacing it with a false church, which is an obedient tool of these cruel God fighters?Is it possible to talk about true faith and the Church where one wants to disregard the Church of Christ, which has existed for almost twenty centuries and invariably holds the intact Christ doctrine and the Apostolic Tradition, and, confusing the truth with lies, create some new “church” The Savior did not base, as if lying words (scary to say!) Were his words: I will create my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against her (Matthew 16, 18)?Can you really be so spiritually blind that you do not see all the lies of those church organizations that went to the service of the theomachist, the so-called “communist” government behind the “iron curtain” and claim to be considered legitimate, canonical leaders and representatives of the enslaved by the God-fighters Churches?The original Church of Christ is, first of all, the guardian and proclaimer of Truth, for Christ the Savior Himself said that He was born for this and for that he came into the world; to testify about the Truth (John 18, 37).Therefore, every lie, every falsehood, every deception, every distortion of the truth or the proclamation of an incomplete, distorted Truth is completely alien to the true Church by its very nature.Lies, according to Christ the Savior, from the devil, for there is no Truth in him: when he says lies, he speaks his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies (John 8:44).What, then, should we think of people who call themselves ministers of the Church of Christ, and say lies?Whose servants are they: Christ’s – or servants of the Devil?The answer itself must be clear. In the light of this answer, we must consider the meaning of all events taking place in the world today.What if on behalf of the whole Church its ministers proclaim a lie?What if others, knowing this, pretend to believe this lie, and base all their lies on themselves, following them, repeating this lie or, at least, not objecting, without protesting against it?Here is such a desolate picture of the total immersion in lies or swimming in this lie and are at present all Christian Orthodox and non-Orthodox church organizations calling themselves churches (although Christ created only one Church!), Since they are in communion with church organizations, obviously serving in the service of the devil ministers behind the Iron Curtain, where all truth has long been ruthlessly eradicated, or belong to the so-called Ecumenical Movement, which is based on gu a bit of a lie, as if the One True Christian Church is not present on earth at present.From this completely desolate picture one could fall into utter despondency and despair, if we had not been warned about that Word of God, that this must be so (vol. 2, p. 410-412).On this terrible path – the path of hypocritical lies, which should not have a place in the true Church of Christ, in our time, in our enslaved by the godless Russia became Sergianism, a consecutive continuation of which is the current Moscow Patriarchate. What a terrible betrayal of the cross of Christ in the notorious Declaration of the Nizhny Novgorod Metropolitan. Sergius from 1927 and in repeated statements of him and Patr. Alexy, that the God-struggling Communist government is power from God and that it needs to express gratitude for caring for the needs of the Orthodox population!In the same approximate way, perhaps, only sometimes in more relaxed forms, the hierarchical leadership of other local Orthodox churches that have fallen into the territory of communist countries has gone.However, hardly, however, much better in the countries of the so-called free world, where there is no such open bloody persecution of the cross of Christ and his faithful followers. And here there is some kind of lack of freedom – some kind of cohesion of many representatives of the church hierarchy, some subordination, some dependence on the enemies of the cross of Christ. A powerful tool of these enemies is the now ecumenical movement, which is so fashionable now, which most recently revealed its anti-Christian face quite brightly, covering it with a slyly seductive slogan of Christian love and universal unity. We must always remember the service of the Church of the God-struggling power or anti-Christian ecumenism – all the same!- this is her refusal from Christ’s weapons – the cross of the Lord, this is spiritual surrender, surrender to the enemy of God and the enemy of human salvation – the devil.One external appearance of the Church, even if very lush and visually attractive, is still not the true Church, which is the only Church that should be (vol. 2, pp. 558-560).And the most imaginary “servants of the church” and their defenders are truly the most crafty of all the wiles of our time! And the worst thing for us, for it concerns the most important thing for us – the work of the salvation of souls. He invented a lot of the enemy of the kind of human deceit with the aim of capturing the souls of men in their networks, the wickedness of extremely diverse all kinds, but this is perhaps its highest “achievement”, which it was impossible to think about very recently, so wild and eerie (ie, 4, p. 359).That’s why we are now faced with such a terrible fact that not everything that calls itself the “Orthodox Church” is really a real Orthodox Church, and not just a crafty forgery, a playbill to mislead the naive and gullible, who do not know how to understand all modern cunning people! The True Church is a treasury and a distributor of the grace of the Holy Spirit – that Divine grace, without which the eternal salvation of man is impossible.What is the main feature by which we can distinguish the true Church from the multitude of false churches that exists in our day?The Holy Spirit, descended on the apostles on the day of Pentecost, according to the words of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, who promised to send Him down at the Last Supper, is primarily the Spirit of truth and was sent to the disciples of the Lord in order to instruct them on all truth (Jn 16, 13 ), and therefore the true Church of Christ, informing the believers of the grace of the Holy Spirit, is the one who keeps, confesses and preaches the Truth.In the same place where, instead of Truth, lies are proclaimed, whether in dogmatic doctrine or in moral or in the sense of any untruth in general, there certainly is no true Church, there is no God’s grace that saves man, but only one appearance, blasphemous deception.About the appearance of such a graceless false church on earth, predicted in the last century, our great devotee of piety, a learned theologian and spiritual mentor and writer, St. Theophanes of Wyshensky the Recluse, when he wrote:” Then, although the Christian name will be heard everywhere, and everywhere churches and church rites will be seen, but all this is one appearance, inside the same true retreat ” (Interpretation to the 2nd Epistle to the Thessalonians, p. 492). Do we not see now the signs of such a truly horrible phenomenon in the terrible days of the clearly expanding deviation from Christ? And not only in the so-called “non-Orthodox”, but also in Orthodoxy itself, from which there is only one screen, one name? Let’s remember the old Russian proverb: ” Not everything is gold that glitters .”And let us be accused of anything, down to some kind of sectarianism or split, we should not be embarrassed at all, for we want to remain faithful to the Savior-Christ to the end and belong to the true Church that he founded, in which alone we can find the grace of God and through her eternal salvation. Devised by the craftiness of people who have departed from Christ, the false church or the ecumenical union of all these false churches is nothing more to us than the graceless gatherings to which we, according to our Christian conscience, can not and do not want. And the true Church of Christ, which did not change Christ, professes and preaches one pure Truth without any admixture of the diabolical lies will remain the invincible gates of hell and will continue until the end of this century and the Second Coming of Christ, even if the number of those belonging to it has been reduced to the extreme. But this must be so, for Christ Himself called this faithfulness to the end of the true Church “a small herd ” to the very end, saying that when He comes again, he will hardly find faith on earth (Luke 12, 32, Luke 18 , 8).Hence it is clearly seen that, not in the “majority”, but in the storage of Truth, and who will pursue the majority, it is easy to lose the Truth by withdrawing from it along with this “majority” (vol. 4, pp. 373-374).With ecumenism, we must decisively break, and with fellow travelers, it should not have anything in common.We are not on the way with them. This we must emphatically say and show in deed. It is time for us to truly confess, when we, perhaps, will remain alone and find ourselves in the position of the persecuted. Since now all the Orthodox local churches were included in the “World Council of Churches”, and thus changed Orthodoxy and bowed to Satan, it was time for our complete isolation. We can not and should not have any communication with apostates from true Orthodoxy, and should be ready, if necessary, to leave for the “catacombs” as “true Orthodox Christians” in our homeland (v. 3. p. 108). But we believe that the Lord did not leave the Russian people to the end, who was insanely succumbed to the enemy’s temptation and who fell into this terrible bloody trial. There is still a small “remnant” that has remained faithful to the Lord and Savior of our Russian people, who are hiding in the catacombs, who will be able, with God’s graceful help, to bring spiritual healing to the masses who have receded from God the Russian people, and to revive Holy Russia, as a small leaven, which, according to the word of Christ, sour all the dough (Matthew 13, 33, Luke 13, 21) (v. 4, p. 385).And although our Holy Russia is crushed to the dust, and the “throne of Satan” is planted on its cross (Apoc. 2, 13), but there are still Russian people in whom something from Holy Rus still survived, despite that frenzied campaign against the true Christian faith, which is now everywhere – in the whole world. We emphasize – the true Christian faith, because now there are surrogates of this faith; of course, with the undoubted purpose – to fight more successfully with true faith, through such falsification and crafty forgery, in the expectation that few people remain spiritually sensitive enough to understand where the Truth is, and where lies and deceit, where the true The Church of Christ, and where the false church is (vol. 4, p. 386).Our path is an uncompromising denial, a resolute rejection of that anti-Christ evil, which already almost all over the world has seized the ecclesiastical and secular power into its own hands, conducts and leads all, and annihilates its opponents and morally and physically (vol. 4, p. 490).The church can not be considered completely free and walking the path of Truth – by the way of Christ’s Truth, if its leaders, naturally giving direction to all of its life, consist in anti-Christian or spiritually infamous organizations, or even in organizations that cause serious doubt in its good quality. Led by such spiritual leaders, the Church can not but deviate from the path of Truth and inevitably, sooner or later, it will all turn out to be the path of lies that its leaders go to (vol. 4, p. 492).But it is quite frightening when the representatives and spiritual leaders of the individual local churches that are actually part of the One True Church of Christ, forgetting about their high calling to be ministers of the work of Christ on earth, enter into friendly relations and even the closest union with the enemies of the faith and the Church and give themselves to complete submission and slavish obedience to the servants of Satan, no longer thinking about serving Christ the Savior, but only to please his new masters. The most evil and dangerous idea of ​​modernity is the idea of ​​reconciliation, “coexistence” with evil.And at the present time, quite a lot, including the ministers of the Church, yield to this idea.But can the true Church of Christ somehow be reconciled with the evil coming from the enemy of human salvation – the devil?Can she coexist with him without leading the most determined struggle against him?Of course, no, for, according to the word of Christ the Savior, no one can serve two masters (Matthew 4:24). That is why both vivacity and renewal, which put to themselves the idea of ​​reconciling Christianity with this world, in evil lies, and “Sergianism”, preaching “coexistence” with the godless power of communism, and participation in the so- “Ecumenical movement”, which recognizes the equality and equality of all religious groups and “denominations”, all this is essentially a falling away from the true Church .Can there be an organization in the Church that calls for “loyalty” to the servants of Satan? This, of course, is no longer the Church, but the false church, or “church of the deceitful”, in the expression of the Word of God (Psalm 25, 5), and to be in such a “church” is not only not salvation, but, on the contrary, disastrous.The question is, why do we talk about this so often and write? Then, that our most holy pastoral duty is to warn our believers of the innumerable subtle temptations that are everywhere scattered everywhere: we are obliged to teach them to recognize the true Church – to teach it to distinguish it from the false churches and the “church of the deceitful. ” Christ the Savior gave us a high promise that His Church will not prevail against the gates of hell, that is, all the powers of hell in their maximum tension. But individual believers, individual pastors, Hand even individual hierarchs and entire local churches headed by them, can fall away from the One True Church, preparing for themselves and their followers eternal perdition in the depths of Hades. It is not in vain that Christ the Savior called members of His Church a small herd and predicted that when He came to earth again, he would hardly find faith on earth? (vol 1, pp. 380-381).


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