June 23, 2024

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Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC)

Our Holy Mother Pelagia (Ivanovna Serebrenikova) Fool for Christ- January 30 (+1884)

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“Go, go, Matushka, to Diveyevo, keep my orphans in your care.” With these words, St. Seraphim of Sarov sent Pelagia to the Convent of Diveyevo and said about her, “This woman will become a glorious luminary!”
Upon her return from her visit to St. Seraphim, Pelagia Ivanovna began the life of a fool-for-Christ. She spent her nights without sleep, praying before the closed doors of the church. As she would say, “Father Seraphim spoiled me”.  In 1837, nuns of the Diveyevo monastery saw Pelagia Ivanovna, took pity on her, and brought her with them.
She used to walk all night long in the convent and keep her vigil standing someplace in the monastery yard, facing east and in complete disregard of rain or bitterly cold weather without becoming ill. Three years before her death, she fell down during a winter blizzard and her dress with shirt froze to the ground. From then on she remained in her cell
Her prayers protected the nuns of the Convent of Diveyevo whom she used to call her daughters. She was truly like a mother to the monastery, as her blessed advice was sought in everything – either at giving out obediences, or receiving and expelling anyone in the monastery.
Various people flocked to Diveyevo to hear her words of wisdom, consolation, advice, or rebuke, each according to their needs. She had the gift of prophecy her words would spiritually benefit each visitor. She was affectionate with some, and stern with others, while she wouldn’t even accept to speak with some.
She lived in Diveyevo Convent for 47 years and fell asleep in the Lord on January 30, 1884.

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