June 19, 2024

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Never Return a Vessel Empty

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My mother belonged to a generation of very different people. Agewise, she could have easily been my grandmother. Even though she gave birth to me at an older age, she never was lazy in teaching me how to be a responsible person. Her lessons were many and she didn’t easily allow an opportunity to correct me go by. I thank her for that.

One of the many things that she taught me was that when someone had brought us a dish they made for us, we didn’t return the pan (or whatever vessel it was brought in) empty. Certainly, a very noble gesture to share as you have been shared with.

As faithful Orthodox Christians though, are we returning empty vessels? Do we fail to offer to those who are are in contact with us the wisdom of the Orthodox Faith?

A couple of times when I’ve asked Orthodox Christians that were married to people outside the Orthodox Church if their spouses were against being baptized into the Church, I received as an answer “I’ve never asked him/her”! Not even in a marriage did these people try to share the fullness of their Faith!

Most of us are guilty at times of returning the vessel empty. I’m not talking about forcing Orthodox dogmatics down anyone’s throat. However, why do we choose to lose an opportunity to show someone how special being a member of the Church is and how much wisdom is contained within our Church?

1 thought on “Never Return a Vessel Empty

  1. I’m a bit shocked that some people have never asked their non-Orthodox spouse about becoming (True) Orthodox. It reminds me, as someone who has been active in trade unions of the most common reason given by a number of trade union trainers and activists for people not joining a trade union: noone ever asked them! Incidentally something I also experienced in workplaces with a recognised trade union…

    So, always ask them to join the greatest union of all, that with Christ’s one and only true church!

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