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More betrayals of the Ecumenical Councils by the fake “orthodox”

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This week, during his “ordination” to the “episcopacy” presided over by Archbishop Elpidophoros of America, new Bishop Theophan of Philomelion recited the Nicene Creed with the heretical Latin Filioque!

Source: https://orthochristian.com/155124.html

And also this week, the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” approved the decision to switch from the Julian calendar used by the Orthodox Church for centuries to the Gregorian “new calendar,” which will take place on September 1st of this year. The Ukrainian Government will also move the dates of national Orthodox holidays celebrated according to the Julian calendar to Gregorian new calendar dates.

Source: https://orthochristian.com/155128.html

In the words of Bp. Gregory (Grabbe):

“…discarding this [Julian] calendar and adopting a calendar of Roman Catholic origin is an anticanonical violation of the decision of the First Ecumenical Council…”

“The First Ecumenical Council eliminated any lack of coordination between the Churches of the East and the West. At that time, the celebration of Pascha took place at different times, according to region; but it would not have occurred to anyone that the faithful of one and the same diocese, and even of the same parish and church, would live by different calendars. Truly, it is difficult to imagine such wild spiritual disorder in one and the same community. Only the principles of the ecumenical movement, which does not recognize absolute truth but reduces it to the state of opinion, could lead to such spiritual absurdity.

“Thus, the study of the question of the New Calendar inevitably leads us to the conclusion that its introduction was uncanonical from the very beginning and constituted a betrayal of Orthodoxy. To adhere to this at some later date, especially now, is an adherence to a sinful, non-Orthodox act. No majority can change this position, any more than the seizure of authority in one or another Church by a majority of heretics could make them Orthodox.

“Let us not be frightened that the New Calendarists may prove to be in the majority. Orthodoxy is not measured by that standard, but by the loyalty to Tradition, and the unity in Faith and life with the Holy Fathers who have departed this world before us. We believe that modernism is growing and that the warning of Canon 7 of the Seventh Ecumenical Council is coming to pass, “for the sins of some are open beforehand, and some they follow after” (cf. I Tim. 5:24). We will not be surprised if, to please the Papists, a Roman proposal to fix Pascha within a given week in April will be adopted. The “sins beforehand’ are already here. Who will be surprised when “other sins follow after”?”

(Orthodox Life Magazine, 1983 Vol. 6, pp. 46)

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