June 24, 2024

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“Metropolitan” Epiphanius of the Ukraine and Disposable Cups

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Communion from disposable cups

And the craziness goes on and on….

On the one hand, “Metropolitan” Epiphaniy of Ukraine, according to news releases, is saying that there is no reason to restrict church gatherings but that the faithful should venerate icons without kissing them and should “use disposable cups” for Holy Communion that they will throw away after! So it would appear that “Metropolitan” Epiphaniy believes in his own church gatherings (or he doesn’t want his shops to close up) but on the other hand doesn’t believe in the power of the Holy Eucharist or that those gifts are the Body and Blood of Christ.

I’m not sure how someone would commune from a disposable cup (adding more liquid and drinking it all up including the Body of Christ?) and then that cup that had the Blood of Christ in it would just be tossed away? I don’t believe in their mysteries, but it seems that “Metropolitan” Epiphanius doesn’t believe in them either. This coronavirus is separating, even more, the wheat from the chaff!

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