June 19, 2024

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In Inaccessible Places

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Source: catacombhistory.blogspot.com

 In 1951 V.K. wrote: “In the inaccessible parts of the Caucasus ridge, in a huge basin protected on all
sides by a wall of mountains, the tops of which were covered with snow for ten months of the year, there was a settlement of hermits. They had a cave-church where oil-lamps and candles burned and services were celebrated continuously. The council made up of several hieromonks and priests was led by Bishop M., who ruled the colony and maintained links with other underground groups scattered throughout the USSR. The colony was so secret that not even many of the underground groups in Sochi, Sukhumi and other cities of the coast knew about it…”

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  1. “My friends and I had ceased going to the Sergianist churches since the end of 1927, i.e. 10 years already, and this was the routine. I arrive secretly at one of my friend’s houses in Petrograd. A secret nun visits her house. She in turn takes me to the clandestine church service of the Catacomb Church. As we travel, I ask no questions and am not interested where we are going. I purposely don’t want to know because if later – God forbid, I will be arrested, even under torture I would not be able to divulge information about where I had been.

    Professor I.M Andreyev

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