December 9, 2023

True Orthodox Diocese of Western Europe

Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC)

Epiphanius I of Ukraine Follows Fully the Agenda of the Ecumenists

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At a consecration of a church in Varash on Monday, October 1/14, 2019, “Metropolitan” Epiphaniy of Ukraine had a Roman Catholic priest dressed in a stole in the altar in line with his own “Orthodox” clergy. The fact that the Latin priest was vested is a sign of concelebration. The papist priest, Fr. Vasiliy Platotka, announced with joy on Facebook one day before the consecration of the temple that he had been officially invited to the ceremony and that tomorrow I will be united with my brethren and the parishioners of the Pokrov Church in joint prayer during the consecration of the temple by Metropolitan Epiphaniy of Kiev and all Ukraine.

During the consecration, the vested RC priest
In line with the “Orthodox” priests

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