April 15, 2024

True Orthodox Diocese of Western Europe

Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC)

Mother of God Sooth My Sorrows

Mother of God Sooth My Sorrows

I sit and wonder…Did you know?
Did you know that I felt your successes as mine?
Did you know that everything you did to bring souls to Christ made me feel like a very proud and content father?
Did you know that I thought we shared the same dreams?
Did you know that your hate campaign would shock me and upturn my world? Yes, I’ve become used to slander but when it comes from a loved one the betrayal is so so bitter.
Did you know that your bolt from the blue without me expecting it or understanding it would make it hard to carry on, hard to trust again?

Did you know the ancient Greek myth of Daedalus and his son Icarus? Icarus and Daedalus escaped using wings Daedalus had constructed from feathers, threads from clothes, and the wax of bees. Daedalus warned Icarus first of complacency and then of pride, instructing him to fly neither too low nor too high, lest the dampness of the sea clog his wings or the sun’s heat melt them. Icarus ignored his father’s instructions not to fly too close to the sun, causing the beeswax in his wings to melt. Icarus fell from the sky, plunged into the sea, and drowned. Experience is a great thing but it is bought with time and blood, not scooped up in mutiny.

I wish that you never feel the pain you caused me!
I feel the pain, the disappointment, the effects of slander and I can’t go on. I do go on, however, because I must give my very blood for the Church. And this is blood!
Will faithful hear my plea and come to my aid? That is in their hands, but I will carry on. I will persevere!

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