July 24, 2024

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Another Greek “Bishop” celebrates Iftar Every Year. Living Peacefully with Muslims Shouldn’t Include Attending their “feasts” and Prayers

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“Metropolitan” Nathaniel of Kos and Nisyros (Greek Islands) wanting to honor the tradition of the Muslims, wished them warmly for Ramadan and took part in the typicon of prayer and food and wished them that “God bless them and may they be granted all good things.”

One of the religious celebrations of Ramadan is iftar, which is typically observed communally by Muslims who come together to break their fast. Around sundown, or shortly after the call to the Maghrib prayer, is when the meal is eaten.[3] Though it’s not required, breaking the fast traditionally involves eating three dates in remembrance of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Muslims think that feeding someone during iftar is a highly fulfilling way to practice sadaqah, zakat, or charity, and that Muhammad did just that.

The photos and video of this make it very clear that Nathaniel moves along speaking empty ecumenical words. He again wishes them “Many Years” and emphasizes that “We are all made of the same dust (earth) and we all have inside us the same breath of God, we are brethren and we must not forget that ever.

The Wishes of the Imam

The Imam Ifan Trampa thank the Muslims and Christians who participated in the meal and the prayer and went on to describe the importance of the Night of Qadr during which “the ‘Archangel Gabriel’ revealed to the “prophet” the “truths” of their faith and the Quran. How awful to see a “bishop” and members of his “flock” hearing about the “truths of the faith” of the Muslims!

“Metropolitan” Nathaniel of the diocese of Kos and Nisyros, which belongs to the “Patriarchate” of Constantinople, is well-known for his pan-religious feelings. This “bishop” didn’t miss out on the re-concsecration of the Papist temple of the Holy Cross in October of 2022 after the said temple was repaired from damage from the earthquake of 2017.
In a interview taken outside of the chapel, Nathaniel called the Papist “Custodian” of the Holy Land “the Elder from Jerusalem” and thanked the Papist “priests” who “follow the footsteps of the Holy Fathers of the Church”!

St. Mark of Ephesus, however, says“‘But if,’ they say, ‘we had devised some middle ground between the dogmas (of the Papists and the Orthodox), then thanks to this we would have united with them and accomplished our business superbly, without at all having been forced to say anything except what corresponds to custom and has been handed down (by the Fathers).’ This is precisely the means by which many, from of old, have been deceived and persuaded to follow those who have led them off the steep precipice of impiety; believing that there is some middle ground between the two teachings that can reconcile obvious contradictions, they have been exposed to peril.”
+ St. Mark of Ephesus, “Encyclical Letter, July 1440” And also, “The Latins are not only schismatics but heretics… we did not separate from them for any other reason other than the fact that they are heretics.”

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