April 20, 2024

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“After Dark, all Cats are Leopards” – Saying of the Juni Native American Indian Tribe

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If You Haven’t Studied Holy Orthodoxy, Then You Probably Won’t Notice When It’s Not Really Present

After Dark, All Cats are Leopards

Isn’t it true? Most so-called “Orthodox” have deep darkness about matters of the Faith. They haven’t studied it, they haven’t lived it. They haven’t lived the real thing and they accept whatever they are told from so-called “Orthodox” clergy (as long as the title “Orthodox” is in there together with a list of positions and buildings). Their plain old cats appear to them as fabulous leopards of the Faith. They hear those clergy talking about Orthodoxy and without even examining that they really teach nothing about unaltered Orthodoxy they look upon them as fierce leopards daring to defend the Faith simply because they use the words, “Orthodox, Orthodoxy” etc. These “faithful” haven’t read what the Orthodox councils, Fathers, and saints said about the Faith. What they said about the boundaries of the Church. Where the Church is not.

In fear, they are obedient to those who are disobedient to Christ and His Church’s teachings.

If people weren’t in the darkness of lack of knowledge about our Faith, then they would see as tiny cats those betrayers of our Faith who actually despise the teachings of the Fathers in the Faith that came before them. They would realize how much personal advantage has caused hierarchs and clergy to go astray. They would understand how those clergymen have given themselves over to the “lord of this world” and how they hide in the darkness, tiny cats appearing to be leopards of the Faith!

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