March 2, 2024

True Orthodox Diocese of Western Europe

Russian True Orthodox Church (RTOC)

A FATEFUL ANNIVERSARY sent by Dr. Vladimir Moss

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On this day, January 19 / February 1, 1918, Patriarch Tikhon anathematised the Bolsheviks and all those who cooperated with them. A few days later, the Council of the Russian Church then in session confirmed this Anathema. The Catacomb Church (in the Council of Use-Kut in 1937) and the Russian Church Abroad also confirmed the validity of this Anathema.
All Orthodox Christians, not only in the Russian Church but all around the world in all the Orthodox Churches should know this anathema and the other major Anathema of the twentieth century – ROCOR’s anathema against ecumenism in 1983.
In my view, these two Anathemas are the most important Church Acts of the last century. They place the Moscow Patriarchate and all those who accept its authority OUTSIDE THE CHURCH and without the Grace of God. A fearful sentence – may God deliver us from it and keep us faithful to True Orthodoxy!

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