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Saint Aristobulus

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St. Aristobulus First Bishop of Britain

SAINT ARISTOBULUS An Apostle of the Seventy brought the Orthodox Faith to the shores of Britain.  

Aristobulus of Britannia was an Apostle, Martyr, and First Bishop of Britain. While some Orthodox traditions say he “died in peace”, others say he was martyred in Wales

Aristobulus is a Jewish Cypriot saint, numbered among the Seventy Disciples. Along with the Apostles Urban of Macedonia, Stachys, Ampliatus, Apelles of Heraklion and Narcissus of Athens he assisted Saint Andrew. St. Aristobulus was also the brother according to the flesh of the Apostle Barnabas.

He preached the Gospel in Britain as its first bishop and there he reposed peacefully in the Lord.

Previous to this, he preached the Gospel to the Celts of Northern Spain, i.e. Celtiberians, whilst on his way to Britain.

Troparion of the Apostles tone 5

Let us acclaim Stachys,

Apelles, Amplias, Urban, Narcissus and Aristobulus

as a six-stringed harp of the Spirit

that sings of God’s marvellous gifts to mankind.

As divine apostles they pray for us.

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